The New Brunswick Children’s Foundation’s roots stretch back to the mid-1800s, first as the Saint John Protestant Orphans’ Home Asylum. In 1922, the name was changed to the New Brunswick Protestant Orphans’ Home. Though the name and configuration of the Home has changed over the years – its mission to support children in need has remained the focus.

During times of great struggle in Saint John – and throughout the world – the Home was a place where New Brunswick’s most vulnerable children found support and comfort. Events such as Saint John’s Great Fire in 1877, the Depression in the 1880s, The Great War, the Great Depression, and the Second World War were defining moments in its history.

As the city, the region, and the world faced uncertain times the Home never waivered from its mandate to serve and meet the needs of the New Brunswick children under its care – and it continued to provide this great service for more than a century.

Following a shift in social policy in the mid-1960s and the departure of the Home’s last child in 1976, the Board of Directors at that time determined the best way to use the Home’s remaining funds was to create a Foundation to carry on its mandate.

In 1978, the incorporation act was changed to allow the Orphanage to award financial grants to other charitable organizations in New Brunswick that help or care for children in the province.

Since its incorporation the Foundation has awarded over $15 million to organizations and charities who support the needs of children throughout the province. That number continues to grow every year.

Our legacy for more than 150 years has been to support and provide for the wellbeing and success of the children in our province, meeting the ever-changing needs of the times.

We pledge to continue to uphold that mandate for the next 150 years.