Want to apply for a grant from the NB Children’s Foundation?

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. All grants must assist children in New Brunswick who are 18 years and under. Children being assisted by a grant must come from low-income families and/or children with special needs.  Your group must have a Federal Charitable Number in order to qualify for funding.
  2. A maximum of 75% of your project’s/program’s total cost will be considered for a grant. The remaining 25% must be fundraised from non-government sources.
  3. A complete application includes:
    • A clear/concise project description (A paragraph overview)
    • Identification of objectives
    • Identification of number of staff required
    • Facilities required
    • Length of time the program has been in operation and its history
    • Contractor estimates, if applicable.
    • Your organization’s last annual meeting minutes
    • The most current monthly/quarterly financial statement
    • Current organizational budget
    • The five-page application form found here.
  4. All applications must meet the following criteria:
    • Must include each item listed above.
    • Must be typed, single-sided on 8.5×11 paper
    • The applications must be completed in full – it is our only method of evaluation, without exception.
    • Provide all requested documents with the application. Should a document not be available (e.g. most recent audit), please include a note to that effect.
    • Two principal Officers from your organization must sign the application where indicated
    • The Foundation accepts only one application per the Foundation’s fiscal year. As an example, organizations may only apply for one grant between April 1st of the current year and March 31st of the following year.

Once the submission deadline is reached each quarter, our Executive Committee considers each application and then will submit the applications to the Board for consideration. The Board considers all applications on their own merit, and does not conduct interviews/presentations.

All applicants will be advised of the Board’s decision regarding their application, without explanation, during the last week of the award month.

If your organization meets these guidelines, you can download the application.

Questions? Issues with the file? Find more information here. 

Grant Application Form

Once completed, please mail the application to our Executive Assistant, with any supporting documentation or appendix to:

66 Waterloo Street
Suite 205
Saint John, New Brunswick
E2L 3P4.

PLEASE NOTE: Members of Provincial or Municipal government organizations seeking to have an application considered must accompany the application with a letter of approval from the Provincial or Municipal Executive responsible for the department.

To discuss your organization’s project/program, you may contact our Executive Assistant via email or by phone at 635-1260.