Chipman Youth Centre

The NB Children’s Foundation was proud to present Chipman Youth Centre with a grant for $30,000 this September. The money is being used to run their Respect Program. President Kelly Bishop sent the following note of thanks:

“Dear NB Children’s Foundation,

I’ve attached a photo of co-ordinator Faith Kennedy with Chase (Mascot) from the cartoon Paw Patrol. They went to Chipman Elementary School to launch the Respect program for both the grade 1 & 2 class that is held at the Elementary School and to invite grades 3 – 5 to Respect at the Youth Centre.

They had a great response.

A big thank you to the NB Children’s Foundation board of directors for providing us with a $30,000 grant again this year. Without this support we would not be able to operate our program 5 days a week. Several new families have moved into the area and their children are accessing our programs. We were very pleased with the turn out to sign up for our programs. Respect is well attended again this year being one of our most popular programs.”

Chipman Youth Centre