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New Brunswick Children's Foundation
Helping Children Succeed

"Helping Children Succeed" has been the Foundation's goal since it's incorporation in 1855 as the Saint John Protestant Orphans' Home Asylum.  This name was changed in 1922 to the New Brunswick Protestant Orphans' Home.

The orphanage had the most children coinciding with the major socio-economic upheavals of the time: The Great Fire of 1877 in Saint John, the Depression in the 1880's, World War l, the Great Depression and World War ll.

The orphanage operated during difficult economic times but its mission to serve the children was clear and with a fundraising network spread throughout the Province of New Brunswick, the children's needs were always met.

All was to change in the mid 1960's when the "social thinkers" of the day questioned an orphanage as being the best option of meeting the needs for the children, many of whom had at least one parent living.  The last child left the orphanage in 1976 and the Board decided to use the remaining funds, including proceeds from the sale, as the basis of a public charitable foundation.

In May 1978, the incorporation act was changed to allow the Orphanage to award financial grants to other charitable organizations that help or care for children in New Brunswick and this has been our mission since that time.  The Foundation has awarded over $11,000,000 in grants to organizations assisting children of New Brunswick.

In 2006, the operating name was changed to "New Brunswick Children's Foundation" with the legal name continuing as the New Brunswick Protestant Orphans' Home.

The continuing legacy of the organization has been the great measures that the Boards have taken to assist the less fortunate children of New Brunswick.  The Foundation continues today to address the issues and the changing needs of our times.

The Foundation looks to the future by continuously monitoring and critically challenging our mandate to maximize the benefits from the resources entrusted to us; We seek improvements in the way we benefit children, and; we are investigating what our advocacy voice should be in support of New Brunswick children. We strive to be as wise and insightful as those who came in the 150 years before us.